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  • Natural Black Jagua Tattoos, Safety tested and approved! Does not contain PPD!

    Henna Safety Statement

    At hennatattoos.com we take pride in the quality of our natural temporary body art products. The most important element in our Quality Assurance Criteria is of course Product Safety.

    Henna(Lawsonia Inermis L) has been used as a cosmetic product throughout North Africa, The Middle East & India & Pakistan for thousands of years. There has not yet been any known cases of allergy or any other skin related problems due to contact with natural henna powder. We have been supplying the same henna powder in loose form and in our ready to mix kits since 1993! We also supply a ready prepared catalyst to mix with your henna powder, the ingredients of this recipe are clearly labelled to comply with current EU legislation.

    Click Here for ingredients listings and to see how Henna works.

    We do not sell pre-mixed henna paste, as we have yet to find a supply that passes our Product Quality Assurance Criteria.

    We do not sell any product containing banned substances for cosmetic use, such as PPD or Walnut Powder.

    The 100% natural botanical staining power in these products come from renewable sources within the rainforest of South America.

    Indigenous people throughout Amazonia have used the natural dye of the Jagua fruit (Genipa Americana) to adorn their skin for as long as can be remembered. Now you too can experience one of the best-kept secrets of the Amazon!

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