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  • Quality Assurance Guaranteed

    At hennatattoos.com you can purchase products with confidence. We will not supply any product that does not meet our strict Quality Assurance Criteria. It is our intention to supply customers on a repeat basis, so we will only supply products that we ourselves are happy to use… again and again and again!

    Quality Assurance Criteria:
    1. Product must comply with current EU Cosmetic Safety Legislation; Specifically:

      • Product ingredients list must be labelled correctly
      • Product ingredients must not contain any substance deemed as unacceptable for use in cosmetic products. Such as para-Phenyldiamine / p-Phenylenedimine (a.k.a. PPD) or Walnut Shell Derivatives (a.k.a. Walnut Powder) or Silver Nitrates

    2. Product must contain 100% natural colouring properties

    3. Product must be manufactured responsibly

    4. Product must give good colour results

    5. Product must be reliable & consistent

    6. Product must be easy to work with

    7. Product continued regular supply must be guaranteed

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