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  • How to Use Henna Tattoo Products ~ No Mess, No fuss, No Waste!

    We only supply fresh henna products, either in kit formats, or in separate ingredient formats. All of the different henna kits we stock contain only the finest ingredients for preparing high quality freshly mixed henna paste. The kits are very easy to use, ensuring reliable & consistent results every time. See the step-by-step instructions below for preparing & using fresh henna paste.


    Step 1
    Boil some water, and then place the unopened catalyst sachet into some for a few minutes to heat it through.
    Step 2
    Cut open the wide end of the henna cone, then cut open the catalyst sachet & carefully pour in the hot contents.
    Step 3
    Gently manipulate the henna cone, mixing the henna powder & catalyst together. Leave to stand for 4-6 hours.
    Step 4
    Cut the tip of the henna cone very close to the end, a small hole makes fine lines easy during application. Use a rubberband to seal the open end.

    Step 5
    Apply a light and even coating of mehlabiya oil to the skin, covering the total area for the Henna Tattoo.
    Step 6
    Firmly press your transfer face down against the skin. Carefully peel away to avoid smudging the transfer print
    Step 7
    Squeeze the cone gently, to release the henna paste, as you draw on the skin following the transfer print
    Step 8
    Leave the henna paste on the skin for 2 hours. Then brush away the dry paste, revealing an orange colour. Do not get it wet for 12 hours.
    Step 9
    Over the next 2 days your Henna Tattoo will gradually develop into a beautiful ‘Burgundy Brown’ colour.

    Now that you’ve got a beautiful Henna Tattoo, it’s very important to look after it well to get the best results. Your Henna Tattoo will be part of your skin for the next few weeks, so treat it gently and your tattoo will look great and last as long as it possibly can.

    To make your Henna Tattoo last as long as possible:

    •  Do not pick your henna paste off early.
    •  Do not get it wet during the first 12 hours or it will halt its colour development… and stay orange.
    •  Avoid contact with bleaching chemicals such as household cleaning fluids, and chlorinated water in swimming pools.
    •  Avoid saunas and steam rooms and these actively encourage your skins natural regeneration cycle
    •  Avoid contact with abrasives such as exfoliating products etc…
    •  When showering/bathing do not scrub your skin, just wash it gently with mild soap.
    •  After showering/bathing do not rub your skin dry, pat it gently with a towel instead.

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